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  • Alex
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  • Walkiria
  • Rodrigo
  • Juan Cruz
  • Nazareno
  • Ornella
  • Agustina

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I am so proud of all that you have aclspmciohed, Jenny. Your work is stunning, inspiring and timeless. We were one of your first sessions and I still have some of them on my family wall 3 years later.
07-05-2016 15:50     Responder     Denunciar
Merci pour ces infos mais ce blog débute à peine et l’autre que je gère ne me pose pour le moment aucun souci de surcharge.Mais à l&arouq;rvenis, ces infos pourront peut-être me servir…
07-05-2016 15:50     Responder     Denunciar
I have to wait until the rights return to me after print pubnciatiol, but once I get my own store open (just need a little spare money and some technical help), I will gradually put up all my stories for sale as etexts. I plan to group them into collections of eight to ten and sell them at a dollar a collection.
05-05-2016 20:06     Responder     Denunciar
the way for you to own your on business that you have been wanting for years. Watch the money roll in when selling handbags and purses whelsoale. This is a trick that retail stores have know about for ages. The income you will be making will astound you. Since you will be buying such high quality purses in bulk you will be amazed at what low prices you will receive them at. You will be getting the same styles, fabrics
04-05-2016 14:51     Responder     Denunciar
in other threads in the past, I don’t subscribe to the notion of absolute freedom of speech. Filth is filth, no matter who perpetrates it and what its intent is. The crap that some commentators regurgitate — even on the small c-conservative side — about “the right to offend” ultimately will undermine all religions, all political ideologies, and all societies where a delicate balance between secular and religious philosophies has been achieved — without stepping on each other’s toes or offending each other for the sake of “pushing the envelope” or proving how de0;22gy․ their side’s ideas/work is.
04-05-2016 14:36     Responder     Denunciar
Nadie sabe kien soy
chicas xke no ponen su nombre beradero
06-06-2014 20:49     Responder     Denunciar
Donatella TMNT
Si,me gustaria con imagenes a ORNE y AGUS te juro
06-03-2014 12:36     Responder     Denunciar
ya termino???
30-04-2012 13:54     Responder     Denunciar
Milagros camacho
que gane el mejor rodrigoooooooooooo
29-04-2012 10:23     Responder     Denunciar
Carina muriel
aguante rodrigo sos el mejor
29-04-2012 10:21     Responder     Denunciar
que gane rodri es lo mas!!!
20-04-2012 20:02     Responder     Denunciar
no lo vi
17-04-2012 11:16     Responder     Denunciar
Aguante Walkiria Gana Ese Es Mi Sueño...Siempre Te Dare Un Aguante...Gracias Por Todo
14-04-2012 09:25     Responder     Denunciar
aguanteee el tucuuu,sos lo masss... los otros no tienen codigosss
13-04-2012 20:58     Responder     Denunciar
aguante alex ... ja .ja
13-04-2012 17:59     Responder     Denunciar
Maruu -A-
gana rodrii,a seguir votandoloo!! VAMOS RODRIGOO-.-
13-04-2012 16:53     Responder     Denunciar
Me gustaría que gané el tucu o Rodrigo no se me gustan ellos aunque me hubiese gustado que ganara victoria irulegui
12-04-2012 22:18     Responder     Denunciar
aguante walquiria va a apagar la luz!!!
12-04-2012 09:10     Responder     Denunciar
WalkiriaEsLaUltimaEnsalir! vamos walikiriaa ganas vos diosa!
12-04-2012 04:09     Responder     Denunciar
Aguante Rodrigo.vamos Entre Ríos carajo.Rodri te adoro sos el ganador de gh 2012
11-04-2012 22:42     Responder     Denunciar
vamos walqui,mas fuerte no podias estar
11-04-2012 22:05     Responder     Denunciar
Vaaaaaaaaamos walki !! sos la gran ganadora de GH !! vamos que se puede walki !!
10-04-2012 12:53     Responder     Denunciar
vamos walqui la mas sensata y la mas sincera
06-04-2012 19:40     Responder     Denunciar
walqui vas a ganar vos!!! yo te hago el aguante sos la mejor!
06-04-2012 18:49     Responder     Denunciar
Aguante rodrigoooooo!! RODRIGO ES EL GANADOR DE GH 2012!!
05-04-2012 11:42     Responder     Denunciar
ajjaja aguante walki y rodri lso dos a la final !
03-04-2012 18:31     Responder     Denunciar
nooooooooooo! como puede ser qe voten para q gane walqiriaa !! nooooooooo... qe maaall!!
03-04-2012 13:56     Responder     Denunciar
aguante walkiria!
03-04-2012 12:26     Responder     Denunciar
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