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kids choice agards boys 2012

holii no es nada official pero igual voten

Matt Hunter
Cody Simpson
Greyson Chance
Austin Mahone
Justin Bieber
One Direction
Big Time Rush
The Wanted

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07-05-2016 15:51     Responder     Denunciar
“Bronx Keeps Creatin It” is that HIT. Best tune on that Fat Joe and an all timer that no one melitons.Cnipse is a definite. Damn I need a vinyl copy of the Dimaond Shell album cos I haven’t had a cassette player for years.Am I really the only person that thinks Business Never Personal was a falloff?
05-05-2016 20:06     Responder     Denunciar
A union of nations fighting for their mutual interest would be a good thing, but this 'world gom#3nvent&er9; is about hijacking nations to use as it see fits.The US, NATO, the UN, whatever - I don't know who the enemy is anymore, and that's very disconcerting, considering we have enough 'bad guys' already.
04-05-2016 14:15     Responder     Denunciar
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12-12-2015 23:48     Responder     Denunciar
I noticed how Rob would lean his head down to hear Kris and Tay speak. I did hear him say dunrig an interview that he was losing his hearing. So cute and so gracious even though he got robbed of best actor and best actor under 25. He should have had both of those without question.
11-12-2015 23:54     Responder     Denunciar
uaaa las fotots de austin
22-08-2014 09:47     Responder     Denunciar
me gusta mas austin k todos bueno aun k canta en ingles te kiero
22-08-2014 09:45     Responder     Denunciar
espuso mas grande y guapo austin k justin jajaja
22-08-2014 09:43     Responder     Denunciar
Totally THE WANTED or MATT HUNTER it's so hard to pic. Does anybody know how old is MATT HUNTER?
19-07-2012 23:03     Responder     Denunciar
Austin mahone!!!¡!!
12-07-2012 01:05     Responder     Denunciar
Hellllll naw fuk jb and matt hunter I VOTE AUSTIN MAHONE
12-07-2012 01:02     Responder     Denunciar
Love Matt Hunter Aunque Tambien Me Gusta JB Peroo Queroo Mucho A Matt Asique Bote Por El Matt Todo Es Por Ti Lovee Colombiaa Esperoo Que Ganes 100# Loveee Te Querooo Chilee Esperoo Que Vengas Prontoo
03-07-2012 17:37     Responder     Denunciar
I love justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26-05-2012 15:55     Responder     Denunciar
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