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KCA Favourite Book series: Harry Potter VS Twilight VS The Hunger Games VS The Diary of the Wimpy Kid..

The highly acclaimed Harry Potter book series is once again on the "Kids' Choice Awards" list. The character who has been eternally iconic to us and is famous not just in the wizarding world but in our today lives. "The Boy Who Lived" has confronted monstrous evil, deep and real feelings about his parent's death, and has had a traumatic life, but unlike Lord Voldemort understands the true meaning of love and therefore is surrounded by love and has morals in life. "Epic and heartbreaking," says The Daily Star and rightly so.
Incase you are thinking that I am saying it is all just very sad books there is also very good humour with lots brilliant comical characters. A spectacular cast of characters and every character (including Harry because he's not your typical super hero) has a dark side and a good side just the same as life.
Every book has been known to have a twist and the final book had a massive twist and as said by The Guardian "Rowling has woven together clues, hints and characters from previous books into a prodigiously rewarding, suspenseful conclusion." JK Rowling has such a vast imagination! Obviously Harry Potter is my favourite series and I am kind of getting tired so I can't really write this much on the other books but I'll give a brief overview of them.
Twilight: Passionate, riveting and quite moving at times.
The Hunger Games: Amazing, suspenseful and epic.
The Diary of the Wimpy Kid: Hilarious, page-turning and huge fun to cheer you up!
Which is better? Please reply and say why you like this series better.

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~ILoveEmma~ (♥Hermione♥)
Desconectado ~ILoveEmma~ (♥Hermione♥) Enviar un mensaje

17-12-2013 11:29 | Denunciar

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